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World War 1 Museum

Our World War 1 Museum was an outstanding success. We had lots of visitors come to see the exhibition in the hall including Councillor Joe Tildesley who said

'What a wonderful presentation, you should all be very proud of all of your hard work in putting together such a moving and evocative piece of history. Long may we remember this period, especially as we approach the anniversary on 4 August. Well done to you all.'

Many other visitors left comments for us too

'What an absolutely amazing exhibition. As good as I have ever seen!'
Julie Fennel

'A fabulous exhibition by the staff and children, very impressed'
Sarah Green

The work that the children have put into this is amazing, the people who fought in the war would be so proud to see the efforts that have been made.'
Donna Reynolds

'I would like to say exceptional work, effort and detail. Very outstanding and gives every feeling of life at that time. Brilliant'
G Woodall

'Absolutely outstanding and very moving. A wonderful exhibition by pupils, teachers and helpers. I learnt things I didn't know'
Mr and Mrs Pearce

'What an excellent learning environment'
Mrs Campbell

'So proud of thisĀ outstanding school, amazing'
Lucille Green

We hadĀ 174 comments in our comments book and 100s of people came to visit.

Thank you to everyone who ttok the time to visit our exhibition and write a comment in our book.