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The Big Happiness Experiment!

This term, as part of our ‘Health and Wellbeing Week’, we had a special visitor visit our Academy. Her name was ‘The M.A.D Professor’ (M.A.D stands for Making A Difference!) and she came to teach us ways to keep our brains healthy. We learnt how to access our ‘Genius Zones’ by becoming happiness Scientists for the day, finding out about our ‘alarm brain’ and our ‘calm brain’. We experimented with ways to teach the ‘google’ in our brains to search for things that make us feel good through some fun mindfulness activities and steps towards us gaining mastery of our emotional regulation. We looked at why we get angry or worried; what is happening in our brain and body when we think a thought that produces an emotion; where about in the body this feeling has delivered messages to and lastly; how to respond in a HEART SMART way to allow the feeling to be expressed and released.