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Anti Bullying/Stonewall Parent Workshop 15th November 2016

Many thanks to all those parents who attended the workshop and for your lovely feedback. 

Here are some examples of the feedback that we received....


"Really enjoyed the Anti-Bullying workshop. Felt it was very worthwhile and I learnt a lot.  I feel confident that my child will too"


"A very informative session - well presented and useful. Good to be involved in anti-bullying week"


"I'm glad I attended the Anti bullying workshop.  It was very informative I feel confident that my child feels able to talk to someone if he is worried or upset by the behaviour of others.  I feel able to talk to someone if he is worried or upset with behaviour of others.  I feel able to take appropriate steps if I am concerned"


"Very insightful and reassuring. Feels good to know that everyone works together on such issues"


"Fantastic Anti bullying workshop.  Feel very reassured that bullying will be appropriately dealt with in school"


"Enjoyed attending the anti bullying workshop this evening very informative.  good to see the school takes bullying seriously.  A little disappointed more parents and carers didn't make more of an effort as we all need to make more a difference for our children"


"The anti bullying workshop was so informative. A shame more parents didn't attend but still very good"


"Anti bullying workshop was really informative. Am glad I came"


"I am touched because this is all we daily see in different forms but the way you are doing too much hard work in 'bullying' is commendable.  Really appreciate.  children are innocent souls that develop in them what we as parents practice in front of them"


To access the power point presentation that was used for the Anti Bullying parent workshop click on 'About us' then from the scroll down menu click on 'curriculum' and then 'PSHE'. If you scroll down the page you will find it as one of the options to click on.