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Hymns and Listening Music

The genre of listening music for each half-term, year 2023-2024, is as follows:


Autumn 1 - Classical after WW2

Autumn 2 - African

Spring 1 - Baroque

Spring 2 - Country

Summer 1 - Musical Theatre

Summer 2 - Pop you have to know - The Beatles



Hymns are linked to assembly themes and are listed below:


Autumn 1:  Learning Together

Our Class is a Community 

Shake the Hand 


Autumn 2:  Opposites

Everybody is special to god 

Be a Friend 


Spring 1:  Change

Spring turns to Summer 

One day can easily change from another 


Spring 2: New Life

Life is so amazing 

The sun breaks upon the dawn 


Summer 1:  Building

We need to build each other up 

The Building Song


Summer 2:  Journeys

Now it’s not always an easy road 

Tell me are you ready for another day?