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Who's Who



Ms Beverley Elliott

Chair of Governors

Mr K Guthrie




Assistant Headteachers


Mrs J Symes                               Mr J Moore


Early Years Leader

Mrs S Mason





 Miss Waters                           Miss King   




  Miss Shepheard                      Miss Short    





Bluebell Class


Miss Hickin                          Mrs Woodall

Daisy Class


Mrs Earle                              Mrs Warren

Buttercup Class

Miss Hopkins                          Mrs Donnelly

Year 1

Snowdrop Class

Mr Moore                              Mrs Graver


Violet Class

Miss Checkett                         Mrs Johnson

Daffodil Class 

Mrs Allen                                   Miss Taylor


Year 2

Primrose Class

Miss Dunbar                                Mrs Oakes


Lily Class

Miss Taylor                              Mrs Guthrie

Poppy Class


Mrs Griffiths                             Mrs Pinches


Inclusion & Support Team



Mrs Symes

Child & Family Support Worker

Nick Walker



   Mrs Burden                           Mrs Davis                             Mrs Crockett  




    Mrs Didcote                             Mrs Hart    


Early Years Assistants


Mrs Bates                           Miss Davies


Office Team
Business Manager

Mrs Davies

Finance Assistant

Mrs Mills

Clerical Secretary

Mrs Belcher

SIMS Secretary

Miss Howell





Site Team


Site Manager

Jim Porter



Angela Edmead

Pauline Newman

Gemma Wheeler

Donna Elliott


Leapfrogs B&A Club


Manager of Leapfrogs Before and After School Club

Mrs Woodward


Leapfrogs Before and After School Club Staff

Miss Newton

Miss Williams

Miss Davies

Miss Lee

Miss Turner

Miss Moulder

Miss Carroll

Ms Lami Oliveira Verissiomo



Leapfrogs Nursery


Manager of Leapfrogs Nursery

Mrs Moulder


Leapfrogs Nursery Staff

Mrs Henn

Miss Langley

Mrs Shemell

Mrs Jones

Miss Monaghan

Mrs Abel

Miss Stewart



Leapfrogs Pre-School


Manager of Leapfrogs Pre-School

Mrs Woodward


Leapfrogs Pre-School

Miss Cartwright

Miss Smith

Miss Turner

Mrs Edwards

Miss Lee

Miss Delaney