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This school promotes the creation of a safe and open environment for learning, encouraging potential in all children rewarding achievement at all levels. Fundamental to this is the teamwork between governors, teachers, parents and children.

All children within Marston Green Infant Academy have equal access to an appropriate education that affords them the opportunity to achieve their personal potential. Through the stimulating and interesting environment and various aspects of school life, each pupil  is encouraged to develop self- esteem, which provides a sense of achievement and self-worth. A fundamental and vital element is the partnership with parents. It is through this that individual children are encouraged to develop and build upon their abilities.





¤  Respect, courtesy, consideration and tolerance to everyone  ¤

¤  Self-discipline, confidence, independence and resilience  ¤

¤  Work as a team  ¤

¤  Parents are partners in learning  ¤

¤  Taking risks in leaning  ¤

¤  Embrace change  ¤

¤  Celebrate achievement  ¤

¤  Inclusive, diverse environment  ¤

¤  Challenge, support and inspire  ¤


Accessibility Plan 2018

School Improvement Action Plan