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We have lots of opportunities to encourage writing throughout the indoor and outdoor environment and handwriting lessons. The children are encouraged to write using the cursive script and use their sound mats to form the letters correctly. Please encourage your children's writing (even if you can not understand it!) they are proud of their effort and feel confident with their writing tools. We are all trying super hard with our writing in school. We will have lots of practice writing the letters in our phonics and handwriting lessons. We will work on writing a good sentence which includes a capital letter at the start, finger spaces between each of the words and a full stop at the end. An extra challenge is to include some WOW words (adjectives) in our sentence to make them sound more exciting.


Extra child challenge - Can you write a super sentence using all of the above things?


Looking at Traditional Tales this term will give us lots of different ways to start our own stories such as;

  • Once upon a time...
  • One sunny day...
  • A long, long time ago...
  • In a land far, far away...


We will also have a look at ways to end our story such as;

  • They all lived happily ever after.
  • He was never seen again.
  • Until next time.


Extra child challenge - Can you write a short story using one of these beginnings and endings?




Here are some sheets to use at home to help with writing.