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Review phonemes for today: s, a, t. Discuss phoneme and grapheme. Children to write the grapheme down.

Practice segmenting and blending CVC words: (Reinforce use of robot arms and checking own writing) sat, sit, cat, mat, tap.

Shared write the sentence: I can sit on the mat.

Joe Wicks YouTube

Literacy Activity

Discuss with your child what they have enjoyed about their Christmas holiday. Work together to complete the Christmas Holiday Writing template. You might want to add some photographs. Encourage your child to listen for sounds in the words and write down what they can hear. You can use the attached sound mat to support them. Keep this to use for future writing activities.

Home reading - child to read  (choose a book from Oxford owl linked to your child’s ability)


Mini Maths Activity

Watch Numberblocks ten episode.


Look around your house can you find any ways to show ten eg the numeral, 10 objects, 10 fingers.

Outdoor play

Resource Hunt

Go on a walk. Can you collect any natural resources like leaves, sticks, stones.

Maybe you could try to use these resources to make a natural picture.

Get your grown up to help you upload it to see-saw.

Talk for Writing story time

Children to listen to and watch the Talk 4 Writing story on Seesaw.