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Review phoneme: er.
Recap tricky words: she, my, be. Can you recognise them? Spell? Put them into a sentence?

Children to write the digraph down.

Make a list of words containing the ‘er’ digraph.

(her, rubber, faster, letter, fern)


Children to have a go at writing them down as we write the list.

Children to read the sentences:

Her hair was longer.

Her letter was longer.

Her letter was fair.

Shared write the sentence:

Her hair was longer.

Please note, the link below is to YouTube and Marston Green Infant Academy cannot be held responsible for any unwanted advertisements that may appear

Joe Wicks - Youtube

Adult directed activity Expressive Arts

Listen and join in with The Three Billy Goats Gruff adaptations of nursery rhymes File below.
Which is your favourite/least favourite? Why? Could you make actions to go with the words?

Home reading - child to read  (choose a book from Oxford owl linked to your child’s ability)


Mini Maths
Introduce a flask and a mug that are both empty and a jug that is full of water.  Ask your child to predict which they think will hold more? How can we find out? First fill the mug with water- do we all agree it is full? Now we will use the water from the mug to fill the flask to see if there is not enough to fill it or if it spills over the top. Show how the mug does not fill the flask- which one holds more? Ask what will happen if we fill the flask and tip it into the mug? Demonstrate how the mug overflows.  Give your child the opportunity to explore more containers. Which holds most/ least?

Outdoor play
Car Hunt

Go out for a walk and record how many cars you see of each colour.
Can you record the amount you see?

Can you use a tally chart?

Which colour did you see most of?

Story time
Talk 4 Writing Story Time

Children to read the Billy Goats Gruff story map using the Talk 4 Writing actions.                                           
Explain that we are going to substitute one of the main characters of the story, children can choose one of the goats/all three goats or the troll. Child then retells the story with their new character.

Mr Thorne Does Phonics - Episode ER