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Review Phase 3 phonemes.

Introduce writing “so” – which graphemes make this word?


Use the Worksheet (attached below), can your child identify the pictures and circle the matching CVCC word.

Play Dragons Den (Phonics play – Phase 4). Focus on CVCC words to read and sort nonsense/real


Shared read the sentence:

It was dark so I kept bumping into things.

Joe Wickes Youtube

Adult directed activity -  EAD

Usually we would have set this as your half-term homework but I think we all deserved a break! So instead it is this week’s creative task J Please make something related to our new topic – Castles. It could be related to our new T4W story or castles in general. It could be a picture, puppet, model, piece of writing, a story of your own (you could retell it and video it!), a non-fiction account of what you have learned about castles, an outdoor sculpture – whatever you want!

Home reading - child to read  (choose a book from Oxford owl linked to your child’s ability)


Mini Maths
Children to watch Numberblocks ‘Twelve’ BBC iPlayer - Numberblocks - Series 3: Twelve

Focus on saying and counting numbers up to 12 and partitioning numbers up to 12.
At the end of the episode ask children what they noticed and give children the chance to talk about what they have found out. Look at the number 12 on a number line. Discuss how it is made of 1 ten and 2 units (one). Can we make it using numicon shapes, tally?

Look at the “All about 12” PowerPoint to support.

Outdoor Play

Rock panting
Can you find a rock, stone, pebble outdoors. Give it a good clean and have a go at painting it. You could paint a frog like Mr frog from our story.
Maybe you could hide him by a nearby pond, lake or puddle.

Story time
Read The Rainbow Princess using the story map and actions.   Look at the adjectives list created yesterday. Work together to extend these into a full sentence. Shared Write e.g. They jumped high over the crashing waves of the sea.