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Review Phase 3 phonemes: j, v, w, y, z, zz, qu, ch
Recap Phase 3 Tricky words:
we, be, me, he, she,
my, they, was, her, all


Have I Spy Phase 3 Set 1 picture (see below) Can they read a word and then find it on the picture? Choose a picture and ask your child to write the word.
Play 4 corners: w, y, qu, ch (each of these phonemes is placed in a different corner, child to go to whichever phoneme they hear at the start of the words)
chip, queen, yes, wet,
yellow, chuck, whale, quick

Read sentence:
The vet had a fox.

Joe Wicks Youtube

Adult directed activity -  Expressive Arts

Look at the painting of the Castle in the Sun by Paul Klee. Discuss that Paul Klee is an artist. Look at the painting and share likes/dislikes/opinions/experiences of paintings in the home/wider environment. 
Look at pictures of stained glass windows on Google. We see them in castles but also churches and sometimes in homes! What do you notice about them? (Colourful, shapes, make a picture or a pattern etc) Could you design your own? (Use one of our attached frame outlines or draw your own) Do you want yours to make a picture or a pattern? It could be a picture of your house or a flower or an animal! You could use your favourite colours! You can use pencils or paints or collage using small pieces of paper, card, felt, tin foil, sweet wrappers (quality street ones work well), old fabric etc!

Home reading - child to read  (choose a book from Oxford owl linked to your child’s ability)


Mini Maths
Introduce a square on its side (see mini maths sheet below)

Ask your child what shape it is. If your child says it’s a ‘diamond’ discuss the misconception - does the shape have 4 sides and 4 corners? Are the sides all the same length? Are the angles where the straight lines meet all the same? The shape is still a square. Look at some other squares at different orientations and of different sizes- discuss how they are all squares. Look at an oblong- how is this different to the square.
Watch Numberblocks ‘Square Club’  BBC iPlayer - Numberblocks - Series 4: Square Club


Problem Solving Challenge: Give your child the simple 2x2 grid. How many squares can the children see in the grid? How many oblongs can they see?

(Same mini maths sheet as above)

Outdoor play

Rainbow wind sock

Start with an old bottle e.g milk bottle, juice carton etc and cut in half removing the bottom end. Using ribbon or string cut to different lengths, attach them to the bottle. You could use a stapler, glue, tape to attach.

Once finished take your windsock outside and see how the wind makes the ribbons move. What happens if you run with it or spin around? Which direction is the wind blowing in?

Story time
Watch your class version of The Rainbow Princess on seesaw, read the story using the story map and the actions. Discuss difficult vocab and meanings. Think of alternatives e.g. pond - pool, happiness - joy, ouchy grouchy - painful unpleasant, tippy toey - walking softly on tip toes, leapt - jumped, mighty - huge, lonely - unhappy being on her own.
Read those sentences again with the alternate meanings.