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UW Activities: Baby Animals

Our ‘The Train Ride’ model text is a shortened story of ‘The Train Ride’ by June Crebbin (see video below).

In the original story, the passenger can see a ‘mare’ and a ‘foal’ out of the window. 

Did you know that a ‘mare’ is an adult female horse and a ‘foal’ is a baby horse?


For today’s directed activity we would like you to find out names of different baby animals and have lots of fun suggestions to help you!


First, listen to the ‘Baby Animals’ song from Out of the Ark (posted below) which is very catchy and sure to help you learn some baby animal names.

Next, you could have a look at the PowerPoint below and see if you can guess the name of the baby animal which will be shown on the next page.

After, think about any other animals.  You could use the internet to search what the babies are called (please look at our e-safety leaflet for parents below).

Finally, now that you have learned the names of different baby animals, you could have a go at printing off and completing the two activities below.

Baby Animals Song (from Out of the Ark)

The Train Ride. By June Crebbin Published by Walker Books

This is the original story of 'The Train Ride'. Please note this is a Youtube link and Marston Green Infant Academy can not be responsible for any unwanted advertisements.