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Recap all sounds learnt so far and “he, she, we” from yesterday.

Learn tricky words:




Can you verbally put them into a sentence? Practise writing tricky words using cursive.

Play Phase 3 tricky word word search (Please Find below) – can you find today and yesterday’s tricky words? Any more?

Shared write a sentence with one of the three tricky words in – or maybe more than one!

Dough Disco

Please note, the link below is to YouTube and Marston Green Infant Academy cannot be held responsible for any unwanted advertisements that may appear.


Adult directed activity Literacy

Reread the story of Three Billy Goats Gruff and discuss the character of the Troll- does you child like him? Why?

Can your child complete the attached Wanted poster.

Home reading - child to read  (choose a book from Oxford owl linked to your child’s ability)


Mini Maths

Have a number line (draw one or print off one attached). Draw a goat on 3,8,12 and a troll on 0. Explain the troll is needs to get to the goats How many jumps until he reaches the 1st goat? Is this number more/ less than where we started?  Encourage the children to look- where is the next goat? How many jumps? How do they know? Discuss reasons.

You could try this again by putting the goats on different numbers!

Outdoor play
Get Moving!

Think back to your P.E lessons last term. Can you remember any of the dance moves? Such as snowflake, Christmas tree with lights, wrapping the presents etc Have a go at practising these at home. Can you make new dance moves of your own? We would love to see a video of your dance!

Story time
Talk 4 Writing Story Time

Children to read the Billy Goats Gruff story map using the Talk 4 Writing actions.

Children to talk about a different setting e.g. crossing a road to get to the other side, lowering a drawbridge to get into the castle…

Child to retell the story with the new setting.

Nursery Rhymes - Rock A Bye Baby Dough Disco Style