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Tuesday 20th July 2021

 Good Morning! 

 Well today was meant to be our party day and Ms Elliott says that we should still celebrate completing our year - even if it is a school year like no other! So, pop on your party clothes or maybe a swimsuit in this very hot weather and just have fun doing things you enjoy. 

 I am sorry that we can't all be together - I understand that it is not as much fun when we are isolating at home but it is important that we all keep safe. 

  In school we have recently enjoyed playing 'human guess who' so I have included an interactive version of guess who below - but I am afraid it will only work if your computer at home can run a power point. If not, why not make your own version of the game using toys or drawing your own characters?  I have included a few other activities that you might enjoy too - including some mindfulness colouring sheets - always popular in Poppy Class! 

 I hope you have a fun day.