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Review phonemes for today: p, i, n. Recap tricky words: I, the, no, go.

Discuss phoneme and grapheme (p, i, n). Children to write the grapheme down. Shared read CVC words:  set, nip, tin, pat.

Dictation: The pin is on the mat.

Shared read the sentence: Last night I saw a light.

Cosmic Yoga

See YouTube link below

Adult directed activity-Hand writing.

Print off the booklet below as we will be using this over the half term.

Today we would like you to practise the letters on the first page.

Remember to hold your pencil correctly.

Home reading - parent to read a story.  You can choose a story from home or click on the link below for a suitable story.


Mini Maths Activity (rhyme time)

Share the YouTube rhyme below with your child. Watch it together first and then watch it again and see if you can join in.

Outdoor play

Bear Hunt

Remember the ‘We’re going on a Bear hunt’ story from last term.

Go outside and have a go at acting the story out. How would you move through the squelchy mud? How quickly can you run away from the bear?

Collective Worship

New Year
Happy New Year! Please click on the link to listen to the story. You may want to discuss your child’s own experience of New Years Eve.

The Night Before New Year's - YouTube

Discuss what is meant by a New Year Resolution. Has your child made a resolution? (You could share your own resolution and how you plan to keep it) Talk to your child about why we make resolutions or promises. Think about what you can give to this new year of 2021. Maybe we could be more helpful, try harder in our work and play, cheer someone up, remember our manners or keep healthy.

Invite your child to join in with the prayer of the week.
Prayer of the Week:
Dear God,
As we look forward to the year to come,
We ask that you will give us strength to work at our resolutions,
So that they may still be with us at the end of the year,
And we will have added something positive to our lives and others.


You might also want to listen to the music below and talk with your child about how it makes them feel.

Pedro the Penguin | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure!

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The Story Makers Episode

This was recorded by me many years ago on cbeebies in the bedtime hour. I do have loads more story makers to come.All credit goes to the BBC.

Frozen Elsa singing Ten Little Snowmen - feat. Olaf - Learn Numbers 1 to 10 (Ten Little Indians)

Frozen Elsa singing Ten Little Snowmen feat. Olaf the snowman. A Nursery Rhyme based on Ten Little Indians. Learn the numbers 1 to 10 with Elsa and Olaf.

Johann Pachelbel Canon in D Major fantastic version, classical music