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Today is World Book Day!laugh

We are off timetable today but we would still like you to complete the phonics and maths activities. The outdoor play is linked to our story but otherwise we would love you to share lots of stories together, discuss your favourite stories, act out some stories etc! It would be lovely to see some pictures of you on SeeSaw wearing your World Book Day pyjamas and maybe you could show us your favourite story or send us a video of you acting out/reading a story.



Review Phase 3 phonemes

Have a go at writing we, me, be – which graphemes make these words?


Model with the children how to use the phoneme frames to write the word belt. (Use the Phoneme frame attached below, choose the one with 4 boxes as our words will have 4 sounds, one sound should be written in each box)
Using phoneme frames children to write the words  dent, felt, gulp, lamp

Children to write the sentence:

We must not stamp on the flowers.

Adult directed activity -  Handwriting

Use the booklet from last week – Letter formation book 2.
Today we would like you to practise writing the words on the second page.
Remember to hold your pencil correctly.

Home reading - Parent to read a story of your choice from home or follow the link below


Mini Maths (rhyme time)

Share the Youtube rhyme below with your child. Look at the patterns, what comes next?
Patterns and shapes - Math Song l Nursery Rhymes & Kids Songs - YouTube

Outdoor Play

The Rainbow Princess

Think about our new Talk 4 Writing story; The Rainbow Princess.
Can you have a go at acting out parts of the story outside. How would you move through the swishy swashy grass? How would you walk across the ouchy grouchy sharp stones? Don’t forget to end your journey with a big frog leap!

Story Time- Collective Worship

Making a Fresh Start

Introduce this week’s theme – ‘A Fresh Start’. Ask the children what they think this means and gather ideas.
Display the PowerPoint (Attached below PowerPoint) ask what connects all of the items on the screen together – the children will hopefully say they are all used for cleaning.

On the next slide, show the children the pictures of springtime. Ask them to identify the season and explain why they think that is.  Ask the children if they have heard of something that connects ‘cleaning’ and ‘spring’ together. Hopefully someone will mention ‘spring cleaning’! Ask them to explain what they think it means.

Explain that spring cleaning usually means cleaning the house from top to bottom as the season of spring begins. People often feel that the long winter nights have passed and, as the days become longer and brighter, they want to freshen up their houses and give them a good clean, but the origins of spring cleaning go back a long way.


In Biblical times, the Jewish people used to cleanse their houses completely before the festival of the Passover. In Iran, the first day of spring lands at New Year and, for hundreds of years, the Iranian people have maintained a tradition of cleaning their homes on the day before New Year.   Ask the children if their parents ever ‘spring clean’.

Explain that spring cleaning is a way of making a fresh start after the long winter.

Invite the children to join in with the prayer of the week.

Prayer of the Week:
Dear God,
Thank you that each day we can make a fresh start.
We ask that you will show us what we can change for the better in our lives.