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Welcome to Primrose Class

Miss Dunbar, Mrs Oakes and Mrs Didcote

Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions :) Keep checking our class page for any updates!

Spring 1 - Distant Lands

What does distant lands mean? Can you name a distant land? 

These are some of the questions the children in class 7 will be beginning to explore in the next couple of weeks. They will find out which distant land we will be learning about and having a go at a range of fun and engaging activities link to our chosen country!


Autumn 2 - The Victorians

What a busy half term! The children learnt so much about the Victorians including what schools were like and how poor and rich people lived. They also learnt about significant people from the past such as Queen Victoria, Florence Nightingale, John Boyd Dunlop and John Barbour. They all really enjoyed our trip to St John's Museum too. 


Here are some facts the children have learnt:

*Florence Nightingale was called Lady with the lamp because she used to look after the injured soldiers in the night and she needed a candle to see in the dark

*Queen Victoria was born in 1819 and died when she was 81

*Queen Victoria only wore black after her Husband died because she was so sad

*John Barbour invented waterproof coats and we still have Barbour clothes now!

*Schools were much stricter in the Victorian times. You had to call the teacher Ma'am and if you were naughty you had to wear the dunces hat


The children also took part in a science experiment. They had to find out if a curly wurly would stretch and if it did how far! Have a go yourself and see if you can find out if a curly wurly will stretch. Be careful, the chocolate goes everywhere!!

Autumn 1 - Pirates


Our first topic is Pirates. We have received letters from Captain Pete Pigeon who has set us a range of challenges to compete over the half term. If we manage to comolete all the challenges, we can have a pirate party to celebrate! We have already learnt the 7 continents; ask your children to sing you the continent song!

Class 7 enjoyed our active maths acticities. They worked really well in teams to complete a range of tens and ones challenges!