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This half-term we are concentrating on Aspect 6 of the Phase One phonics - voice sounds.  The aim is to distinguish between the differences in vocal sounds, including oral blending and segmenting.


Today we are looking at mouth movements.


Begin with the story 'Mr Tongue' below.  This is a unique story that includes a set of exercises the for the lips, tongue and mouth.  By reading the story and carrying out the actions you will become aware of the different parts of your mouth including your teeth, tongue and lips.


Now that your mouth is all warmed up, try exploring different mouth movements:




Tongue stretching



Explore using your mouth to make different sounds, for example...


* clicking

* blowing

* sucking

* tongue stretching

* tongue wriggling


Pretend to blow up a balloon.

Pretend to drink using a straw.

Can you touch your nose with your tongue?

Can you touch your chin?

Can you curl your tongue?


As an alternative to dancing to music with your bodies, let your tongues do the dancing instead! 

Practising these movements regularly to music can be fun and helps children with their articulation.


Play one of your child’s favourite songs and encourage them to carry out the above actions in time to the music.


This could be made more complex by combining more than one action at once.