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Coby Cow and Ellie Elephant were trying to build a tower of bricks but it kept falling down.  Coby Cow said 'I can't do it!' and walked away.

Is this what you would do?

What should Coby Cow have done?


I Can't Do It ... Yet! song

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‘Yet’ is a great word to use when you can’t do something because although you can’t do it yet if you never give up and keep on trying, then one day you will be able to do it!


Talk with your grown-ups about what you find tricky. 

Draw something you can do really well and something that you can’t do yet (ask your grown-ups to write down what you say). Maybe this could become your goal that you can keep practising to get better at.  


We would love to hear/see what your goals are so please send us a note/photo via the Seesaw app.


Ellie Elephant talked to Coby Cow and explained 'you can't do it...yet!'.  Coby Cow kept on practising and now he can build a tower really well!  He is going to keep on practising to make it even taller.