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National Story Telling Week

  This week it is National Storytelling week and this gives us all a great opportunity to stop and think about when and how we tell stories. Remember, we don't have to write anything down to tell a good story. Do you ever make up stories at home? Do you ever retell a familiar story? We know lots of you can - try re-telling a traditional story to someone at home - maybe Jack & The Beanstalk? The Gingerbread Man? The Gruffalo? Maybe you remember a Talk for Writing story like Owl Babies? or Pirate Tom?

 Below you will find a powerpoint, that we would have shown you in an assembly in school - watch it together at home and discuss the questions together. We have also provided you with some storyboard games - roll a dice or get someone to shout out a number for each of the story parts. Then try telling a story for what has been chosen. It can be quite funny! 

 Here is a link to a lady called Lauren - her job is being a storyteller! That's a cool job isn't it? No writing!!! Lauren and the Story Box - YouTube 

 Finally, each day, we will provide you with a picture link - Can you be inspired to tell or write a story based on the image? We have given you a story starter and some question prompts. See if you can be inspired. If your child enjoys this - you can access an image every day, through  Today's picture link is called Look Down.