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Recap all sounds learnt so far (previous planning) Phase 2: satpin mdgoc ck eurhb f ff l ll ss

Phase 3: jvwxyz zz qu  ch sh th (then) th (thin) ng  ai  ee  igh oa oo (moon) oo (book) ar  or ur  ow oi ear air ure er

Learn tricky words:




Can you verbally put them into a sentence? Practise writing tricky words using cursive.

Play 3 corners with the tricky words: can your child run to the tricky word you say? Or put them onto pieces of paper and use a nerf splatter/fly swatter to hit the tricky word you say!

Shared write a sentence with one of the three tricky words in – or maybe more than one!

Joe Wicks YouTube

Adult directed activity -  UW  (Understanding of the World)

Discuss other ways that the goats could cross the river, if there wasn’t a bridge and how well that might work. (They may suggest: boat, ladder, rope, swim etc..)

Show the children 2 different containers (a fruit punnet with holes in the bottom and another similar sized plastic container without holes) and share that they will be investigating/exploring which one would be best to carry the goats across the water. Make a goat out of playdough to carry on the water.

Allow the children to predict which plastic boat would be best for the goats to use. Test it out together and discuss what happens and why they think it has happened. Encourage the children to say which one worked best and why.

Home reading - child to read  (choose a book from Oxford owl linked to your child’s ability)


Mini Maths
 Watch Number blocks episode “Blast off”

At the end of the episode ask children what they noticed and discuss

BBC iPlayer - Numberblocks - Series 2: Blast Off

Outdoor Activity
Colour Hunt

Use the attached sheet to search outdoors for objects of each colour. Can you find more than one for some colours? Which colour can you spot the most?

Have a go at drawing a picture or writing the name of each object in the right box.

Story time
A pre-recorded story from one of our Early Years Team.

Follow the link below to see Miss Moulder reading ‘Little Red Riding Hood’