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Review phonemes: oi, ear. Recap tricky words: you, they, me. Can you recognise them? Spell? Put them into a sentence?

Children to write the digraph and trigraph down.

Make a list of words containing the oi and ear digraph.

(e.g. coin, boil, oil, boing, soil, foil, ear, fear, tear, near, dear, beard)

Children to have a go at writing them down as we write the list.

Children to write the sentences:

Put the soil into the foil.

Do not fear the cow is near.

(Ask your child to do this independently - chop up the words; what can they hear?)

Joe Wicks YouTube

Adult directed activity UW  (Understanding of the World)

Recap on last week’s learning about farm animals.                                                                                    

Watch the link for ‘Farm Animals and Their Babies’

Please note, the link is to YouTube and Marston Green Infant Academy cannot be held responsible for any unwanted advertisements that may appear.

Discuss how baby farm animals look different and recap on what they are called.                                            

(goat-kid, sheep-lamb, horse-foal, cow-calf, pig-piglet, chicken-chick, duck-duckling).

Home reading – parent to read a story


Mini Maths
Recap on the word estimation and how it means to have a sensible guess. Put a handful of small stones in a jug. Children to estimate how many they think there are. Discuss guesses and ask them to explain. Count the stones together- who had the biggest/ smallest guess? Whose guess was nearest?  Repeat but this time but bigger stones in the jug and try to get them to the same level. Do they think there are the same number? More? Less? Why? Again count the stones.  Children to discuss why can’t you fit as many big stones in the jug as small stones? Encourage children to think about middle sized stones- would it be more/ less than the big/ small stones? (Link to language of 3 Billy Goats)

Outdoor Activity
Texture Hunt

Have a look around your garden or on your walk to spot objects that have different textures. Can you find rough tree bark? Can you find a smooth rock?

What else can you see?

Story time
A pre-recorded story from one of our Early Years Team.

Please note, the links below are to YouTube and Marston Green Infant Academy cannot be held responsible for any unwanted advertisements that may appear.

Jolly Phonics Phase Two

Listen to 0:51 for "oi"

Geraldine the Giraffe learns /oi/

Geraldine the Giraffe learns /ear/ sound

Please follow the link below to listen to Mrs Oakes reading "Goldilocks and the Three Bears"