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Review phonemes for today: j, v, w. Tricky words: her, he, she. Can you recognise them? Spell them out loud? Put them into a sentence?

Recap: j, v, w. Discuss phoneme (the sound) and grapheme (letter name). Children to write the grapheme down – encourage cursive font.

Segment words using robot arms –  E.g. (j-e-t, jet)

jet,         van,          vet,       
well,         jam.   

Children to write the initial sound that they can hear in each of those words.

Shared write the CVC words together (or independently): jet, van, vet, wet, well, jam.

Joe Wicks YouTube

Adult directed activity UW  (Understanding of the World)

Look at the pictures of bridges on the ‘Bridges’ PDF below.
Discuss different types of bridges they can see. 
What is the purpose of a bridge? What do these bridges cross over? What are they made of? What properties must it have? e.g. be strong, go up over and down. 
Look around the local area to see different examples of bridges, what they are made of and why they have been built.

Home reading - child to read  (choose a book from Oxford owl linked to your child’s ability)


Mini Maths
Sing a range of counting and number songs (plenty on YouTube)

Recap on coin activity – ways of making 10.

Number bonds to 10 jigsaw Powerpoint (see below)

Outdoor Play

Sound Hunt

Go outside on a sound hunt. Stand still and quiet for a few minutes, listening to your surroundings.

What things can you hear?
Do you think the sound is near or far away? How can you tell?

Can you find any of the things from the attached sheet and tick them off?

Story time
A pre-recorded story from one of our Early Years team, below.