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The rhymes featured in today's activities your child may already be familiar with as the Youtube one posted below was featured in last week's number rhyme time and the printable rhyme below is something we have used once before in Nursery and the children really enjoyed!  

Repetition can be extremely valuable for learning, particularly in the early years.


First, watch the Youtube video '5 Little Snomen'.

5 Little Snowmen Standing in a Row | Snowman Songs for Children | Lyric Video | The Kiboomers

Please note this video takes you directly to Youtube and Marston Green Infant Academy can not be responsible for any unwanted advertisements.

Next, print out the '5 Little Snowmen' rhyme pdf below (this rhyme is slightly different to the video above).  Cut out the five snowmen, along with the sun.  If you do not have a printer you could always draw and cut out your own snowmen.

Maybe if you have some lollipop sticks you could glue them to those to create puppets.  Use your puppets to act out the rhyme, taking one snowman away each time.


After, repeat the rhyme using the puppets.  This time can you show on your fingers each time how many snowmen are left? 

Maybe you will be able to subitise the snowmen (this means you just know how many there are) or maybe you need to count them by touching each snowman and saying one number name for each, remember to say the last number in the count, for example, 1 2 3...there are three snowmen. 

Maybe you could use a pencil and paper to show how many snowmen there are, this may be by drawing three dots, three lines or three snowmen. 

Maybe you will be able to write the numeral.

How about if the three snowmen moved positions, are you able to recognise that there are still three as none have been added or taken away?


Finally, we have attached a printable 'build a snowman' game where the first one to build a snowman is the winner!  If you do not have a dice to hand you could always use the online dice.

'5 little snowmen all in a row

5 little snowmen all made of snow

Out popped the sun and it shone all day

One little snowmen melted away'