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Learning Objective:  To realise not only objects, but anything can be counted
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Counting Trains - 1to10 - albumation

Count along with Choo Choo the Counting Train in this Special Edition all the numbers from 1 to 10. Animation and Design by Joey Ahlbum, projects for Nickelo...

Now that you have practised your counting skills have a go at counting in your home...


Count how many steps there are in your house or flat.  Count each time your feet touch a new step, as you walk up or down the stairs.


Count how many jumps long your bedroom is.  Start at one side and jump your way to the other, counting each time your feet touch the floor.


Throw and catch a ball with a grown-up or sibling.  Count how many times you can catch the ball.  You could count how many times you can throw and catch the ball without dropping it.