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Review phonemes for today: m, d, g. Recap tricky words: me, my, you.

Discuss phoneme and grapheme (m,d,g). Children to write the grapheme down. Children to write the initial sound that they can hear in each word: dig, pig, mad, ping, mint.

Create a sentence using one/some of the words above and shared write.

Joe Wicks YouTube

Adult directed activity - Maths

Watch Numberblocks Number blobs episode

Introduce 10 small objects (buttons, pasta pieces etc) and ask your child to estimate how many objects there are. Count together recapping on good counting skills.

Print off the dominoes set. What does your child notice? Can they find any dominoes with 9/ 10 spots? Play dominoes together.

Home reading - child to read  (choose a book from Oxford owl linked to your child’s ability)


PSED - Challenge
Set your child a tricky challenge such as building a tall tower with cards, picking small beads out of a bowl, building a tower of blocks and taking some away without the tower falling over.

How did they find the challenge, was it difficult? How did it make them feel?

Read the following story ‘Love Monster’, all about not giving up when faced with a challenge. Love Monster Story Read Aloud - YouTube

Now ask them to think about things they find tricky, and how they might be able to overcome them. Encourage the children to use the words ‘practice’ and ‘keep trying’

Invite your child to join in with the calm me time. (Read the following script and encourage your child to breathe along)
“Now take a big deep breath in through your nose and puff out your rainbow breath through your mouth and feel calm and peaceful. So breathe in a big and gentle breath through your nose while I count to 3...
1...2...3... and gently breathe out your rainbow breath through your mouth 1…2…3…4... Can you imagine the colours of your rainbow breath? Let’s try that again and I will count while you breathe lovely gentle deep breaths in 1…2…3… and out through your mouth 1…2…3…4… Now move your hands to your tummies and feel your tummies get bigger and smaller as they breathe in and out, like a balloon blowing up and then going down. (Practise as many times as the children can manage.) When we breathe in, we feel strong and sit up straight and proud. When we breathe out, we feel gentle and calm. When we breathe in, we feel strong and sit up straight and proud. When we breathe out, we feel gentle and calm. We can face challenges.”

Outdoor play

Obstacle Course

Use resources to set up an obstacle course outdoors. Get creative with objects around your home. Juice bottles as cones to weave around, a stool/box to jump over etc.

Story time
A pre-recorded story from one of our Early Years Team.

Love Monster Story

Love Monster by Rachel Bright

Please follow this link to find today's story "Sneezy Bear" read by Mrs Graver laugh