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Recap all sounds learnt so far and “was, they, my”

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Listen to the tricky word song:

Phase 3 Tricky Words Song Say Hello To - YouTube

Have a go at writing ALL of the tricky words we learned this week! Can you remember them all? Can you spell them using graphemes? (letter names)

Play Phase 3 tricky word bingo! (Please find below)

How many tricky words can you put into one sentence? Can you write the sentence?

Joes Wicks Youtube

Adult directed activity Maths
 Thinking about number bonds to 10 on a part part whole.

Use ict games:

Using the online unifix cubes put 10 cubes in the tops circle. Can your child explore how they can move the cubes into the other 2 circles. Discuss how there are still 10 altogether.

You could play skittles together- start with 10 skittles- how many do you knock down? How many are left? How many are there altogether?

Home reading – Child to read



Goal Ceremony

Remind your child of the goal they set in week 3, something which they were finding tricky but wanted to work hard to achieve.
Have they managed to achieve their goal? Was it easy or difficult? What challenge could they work towards next?

If your child has tried hard and achieved their goal then they could perhaps have a sticker or some form of praise/reward for all of their hard work to not give up but keep on trying.

Invite your child to join in with the calm me time. (Read the following script and encourage your child to breathe along)
Now take a big deep breath in through your nose and puff out your rainbow breath through your mouth. Imagine you are blowing little hearts of kindness out as you breathe out through your mouth. Little hearts of kindness float around our circle. Feel your tummies go up and down as you breathe. Feel calm, peaceful and safe. So breathe in a big and gentle breath through your nose and gently breathe out your rainbow breath and imagine lots of little rainbow-coloured hearts floating out on your breath, out through your mouth, spreading kindness as they float away. Sit up really straight and feel proud. We are achieving Jigsaw Dreams and Goals and feel proud we can DO things, proud we can be kind to each other.”

Outdoor play
Creative Mark making

Use different resources outside to create a drawing or pattern on the floor/fence. You could use; chalk, water in a spray bottle, paint brushes in water etc.

Can you upload some of your designs/patterns?

Story Time

A pre-recorded story from one of our Early Years Team.

Follow the link below to watch a story read by Miss Hopkins...