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Review all of phase 3 phonemes and graphemes.

Assess children to write down the phoneme called out, can children match correctly.

Play any Phase 3 game

Write the sentence:

My dog has brown fur but my hair is red.

Joes Wicks Youtube

Adult directed activity Maths
Watch Number blocks Ten Again episode


Use ict games:

Can your child use the different colour counters to make 10.

Complete twinkl tens frame worksheet - (see below)

Home reading – Child to read (Choose a book from Oxford Owl linked to your child's ability)



Flight to the future

Invite your child to lie down and close their eyes. Now ask your child to imagine they are going on a journey into the future, describe being on a rocket taking off and zooming through time.

Show children pictures attached below of a variety of jobs. Explain that the children are now adults and need to think about which job they would like to do. What would they need to do now to help us get that job in the future? What things do we need to learn to help us achieve our dream job?


Can your child choose one of the jobs from the pictures and act it out for you to guess? Maybe you could act one out for your child to have a go at guessing too.


Invite your child to join in with the calm me time. (Read the following script and encourage your child to breathe along)

“Take a big deep breath in through your nose and puff out your rainbow breath through your mouth. Imagine you are blowing little hearts of kindness out as you breathe out through your mouth. Little hearts of kindness float around our circle.

Feel your tummies go up and down as you breathe.

Feel calm, peaceful and safe.

So breathe in a big and gentle breath through your nose and gently breathe out your rainbow breath and imagine lots of little rainbow-coloured hearts floating out on your breath, out through your mouth, spreading kindness as they float away.

Let’s try that again.

Feel your tummies get bigger and smaller as they breathe in and out, like a balloon blowing up and then going down.

Imagine lots of rainbow-coloured hearts floating around our circle and some of them very gently land on you making you feel loved and happy. Kindness makes you feel loved and happy.”


Outdoor play
Bear Hunt

Thinking about our current topic and the story ‘The Three Billy Goats Gruff’ can you pretend to be one of the goats on your walk and act out the story. Ask your grown ups to join in. How might they sound when walking over the bridge? What would the Trolls voice sound like? Can you talk like the Troll?

Story Time

A pre-recorded story from one of our Early Years Team.

Children at MGIA usually get the opportunity to have music lessons at school with Rock Steady. However they are currently offering free livestream 30 minute whole class music lessons each Friday at 1:30pm. We thought that you might like to listen along and join in for some music fun! Here is the link: