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Review phase 3 phonemes: ar, or, ur, ow, oi, ear, air, ure, er

Recap Phase 3 Tricky words:
we, be, me, he, she
my, they, was, her, all


Ask your child to write down the phoneme called out (use phonemes reviewed above), can your child match correctly?
Play Phase 3 wordsearch (see below)


Write the sentence:
My cow was near her chair.


Joes Wickes Youtube

Adult directed activity Maths

2D shape and 3D shape:

Show children the “Castle and the Sun” painting by Paul Klee (below). Children to identify which shapes they can see. Encourage discussion about properties of shapes eg Why don’t we put a circle at the bottom of the castle? How many sides has a circle (1) square, oblong(4) triangle(3)?   How many corners has a circle(0), square, oblong (4), triangle (3)?

Children to create their own version in the style of Paul Klee. Children can print the shapes using 3D shapes ( you could use lego, bottle top, oxo cube to create the 2D shapes). Can they identify and discuss properties of those shapes. If you don’t have 3D objects to print with, you can use the 2D shapes below to cut up for them to create a castle.


Home reading – Child to read


PSED – Healthy Me – Everybody’s Body
Play a game of ‘guess which sport’ with your child. You can use the clues below or make up your own.

“There is a ball in my game, you play it with lots of friends and need lots of space, you are not allowed to use your hands unless you are the keeper. Which sport am I?” Football

“This sport involves water, you may choose to wear goggles, you can race against others. Which sport am I?” Swimming

“There is a ball in my game, you are allowed to bounce the ball, there are two hoops. Which sport am I?” Basketball

How did they find the game, did they guess all the sports? Can they describe a sport for you to guess?

Ask your child to think about the following questions; Why do we exercise? Why is it important for us to exercise? What happens to our bodies when we exercise?

Set your child a challenge to jump up and down for 1 minute. Afterwards ask them how they feel now, have they noticed any changes to their body? Faster heartbeat, heavy breathing, feeling hotter, feeling tired.


Invite your child to join in with the calm me time. (Read the following script and encourage your child to breathe along)

“What do we do in Calm Me time? Feel calm and peaceful, strong and gentle. Make pictures in our mind/imagination. Breathe in gently through our nose. Breathe out rainbow breath through our mouth. Feel strong, calm, kind etc.
Now we are thinking about how we can be healthy so our Calm Me time will help us with this because it helps us feel calm. If we are feeling angry or anxious, we can have a Calm Me time and use our breathing to calm down our emotions.
Maybe try doing Calm Me time with your hands on your heart instead of your tummy. Can you feel your heart beating? Why is your heart so important?
Now take a big deep breath in through your nose and puff out your rainbow breath through your mouth. Imagine you are filling up your heart with kindness as you breathe in and smile as you breathe out. Feel your chest go up and down as you breathe in and out. Feel calm, peaceful and safe. Your heart is full of kindness.”

Outdoor play

Obstacle Course

Lots of you enjoyed the obstacle course last term, and we loved seeing some of them on Seesaw.
This time we want you to have another go.
Was there anything you wanted to change last time?
Could you add an extra step?
See if you can complete your obstacle course quicker this time.

Story Time

A pre-recorded story from one of our Early Years Team.

Follow this link to watch Miss Hopkins read a story...