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Review all phonemes from last two weeks. Sing alphabet song – what is the letter name and what sound does it make?

Which initial sound do these words have? b, r, f or l

big        rat          fan

lab        fog        lot

far        bird  

Play Make a Match (phonics play). Resources>Phase 2>Make A Match Week 5.

Shared write the sentence: The big bat is fun.

Joes Wickes Youtube

Adult directed activity Maths

Watch Numberblocks Peekaboo episode


Using your child’s toys put a line of 6 and a line of 5 toys. What’s the same? What’s different? They should notice: One row has 6 bears and the other row has 5 bears 6 is more than 5. 6 is one more than 5. 5 is less than 6. 5 is one less than 6. Repeat for 8 and 7 toys

Home reading – Child to read (Choose a book from Oxford Owl linked to your child's ability)


PSED - Never giving up

Ask your child to think of anything they used to find difficult but after practising and having a go are now able to achieve. Give them some examples like learning to walk or riding a bike.

How did they feel when they finally achieved their goal? Did they ever feel like giving up?

Watch the following story ‘The Hare and the Tortoise’ read aloud, below.


Invite your child to join in with the calm me time. (Read the following script and encourage your child to breathe along)
“ Now take a big deep breath in through your nose and puff out your rainbow breath through your mouth. Imagine you are blowing the fluffy clouds along as they drift through the sky. Feel your tummies go up and down as you breathe. Feel calm, peaceful and safe. So breathe in a big and gentle breath through your nose while I count to 3... 1...2...3... and gently breathe out your rainbow breath through your mouth 1…2…3…4... Can you imagine the colours of your rainbow breath? Let’s try that again and I will count while you breathe lovely gentle deep breaths in 1…2…3… and out through your mouth 1…2…3…4… Blow the clouds along gently. Feel your tummies get bigger and smaller as they breathe in and out, like a balloon blowing up and then going down. Practise as many times as the children can manage. When we breathe in, we feel strong and we don’t give up. When we breathe out, we feel gentle and calm. When we breathe in, we feel strong and we don’t give up. When we breathe out, we feel gentle and calm.”

Outdoor play

Ball games – Catching and throwing

Practice throwing and catching with a ball. If you don’t have a ball at home think about what other objects you could use. A small soft toy, a beanbag, a rolled up pair of socks. Get creative!

Story Time

A pre-recorded story from one of our Early Years Team.

The Hare and the Tortoise

Please listen to the story of 'The Hare and the Tortoise' below. How do you think the Tortoise felt when he won the race?