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Fine Motor - Practical

Fine Motor Finger and hand strength: Skills- pressing, squeezing, turning.

Fact: This is the strength needed to hold and guide tools eg pencils, crayons, pens, scissors etc


Water Bottle Play  (Note: Ensure bottles are safe and clean)


Fill a water bottle and encourage your child to press the trigger to fill different containers eg sauce pans, bowls, small buckets.


If you haven’t got a spray bottle, using an empty washing up liquid bottle or even a water bottle will encourage the same squeezing action.


You could even ask your child to spray your plants with water or spray water patterns on fences, floors and walls outside!  Maybe you could use it for a target game, to push objects along or fill it with watered down paint to create pictures and patterns (see images below for some ideas).


We would love to see how you use them so please send us a photo/video on Seesaw.