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Carpet Sessions - week 25/01/21

Here is a brief overview of some of the carpet sessions which we have carried out in Nursery that you may wish to adapt and carry out at home.  Please remember to share your home learning with us via Seesaw.

Talk for Writing: 

* Retelling the story using the story map and actions, particularly focusing on 'first', 'next', 'after' and 'finally

* Discussion about how this is a 'journey' story and we introduced the word 'setting'

* We looked at pictures in a book titled 'from a railway carriage' and talked about the setting and what the children could see.  New vocabulary was introduced: railway station, city, country, bridge, hedge, ditch, meadow, hill, brambles, river, windmill, forest

* We read a story book titled 'The Old Steam Train' and then used a non-fiction book/internet to find out more about new and old trains



* We watched two teddies playing and one teddy say unkind things to the other puppet, putting their abilities down.

* We thought about how each teddy would be feeling and how it is not nice to say unkind things to our friends.  

* We thought about how we feel when someone says something nice to us and then we said something good about each other.


Phonics:  Listen to the music to develop awareness of sounds and rhythm

* We introduced a musical instrument and asked the children to perform an action when it is played, e.g. clap, jump, wave

* We took turns at being the leader.  The leader produced different movements for others to copy

* As the children became more confident we did some simple repeated sequences of movement, e.g clap, clap, jump



Phonics: Aspect 3 – Roly Poly


Rehearse the rhyme with the actions (rotating hand over hand as in the song ‘wind the bobbin up’).


Ro…ly…po…ly…ever….so…. slowly

Ro…ly….poly faster

(increase the speed of the action as you increase the speed of the rhyme).

Now add in new verses, such as:

Stamp….your….feet….ever …so…slowly

Stamp….your feet faster


Ask the chn to suggest sounds and movements to be incorporated into the song.


Say hello ever so quietly



Look, Listen & Note how well chn produce contrasts in rhythm, speed & loudness, join in with words & actions, copy sounds & actions.



* We looked at an assortment of Winter and Spring pictures and sorted them into seasons

* The children commented on what they could see

* We talked about how there are lots of people who celebrate the start of Spring and see it as their New Year.

* We talked about the celebration called 'Nowruz' to mark the start of Spring.

* We shared a story from Iran 'The Flowers Came, Spring Arrived: A Nowruz Story'

* We thought about the things we like best about Winter time and what do we like best about Spring time and why


Maths:  Matching numeral to quantity

* We used a dice and different types of transport, e.g. train/plane

* We then rolled a spotty dice and subitised how many spots 

* We then counted out the correct number of people to put onto the plane by using one to one correspondence and stopping at the correct number of people

* We reasoned each time whether we had room for any more people

* We thought about if the amount was more than or less than or the same as the last one

* We talked about how we could show how many people were on the plane, e.g. holding up our fingers, drawing marks or pictures on the paper, writing the numeral