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Carpet Sessions - week 08/02/21

Talk for Writing


Print off 2 x blank storymaps below.

First complete the storymap based on the train ride (Adult to model completing the map).  Talk about how the title needs to go at the top of the page and adult to demonstrate how to hold the pencil correctly and track left to right whilst writing the title.

Draw & label pics in each box, e.g. begin with a picture of the train, then ‘first’ sheep & cows, ‘next’ old farm, ‘after’ giant hot air balloon, ‘finally’ Grandma.


Now using a 2nd blank story map create a different journey.  Children to use their own ideas, e.g. instead of 'The Train Ride' it may be 'The Boat Ride' with pictures of what they may see first, next e.g. fish, lighthouse etc...  Or maybe it will be The Plane Ride – first birds, next clouds etc  Possibly The Rocket Ride? 

Once the story map is complete, retell the new story in the format of The Train Ride e.g. The Boat Ride.  We're off on a journey out of the town, what shall I see, what shall I see?  First I see birds flying high, next I see fluffy white clouds up in the sky etc...  Adult to write down the child's story exactly word for word.


Sentence and Memory Game


Grandma’s Bag  For this game you need at least two people.


Using a bag and some objects laid out, name the objects with the children.  Place emphasis on the initial sound of each object e.g. a b,b,b,brush.


Take it in turns to place one of the objects into the bag belonging to ‘Grandma’ and say ‘In Grandma’s bag there is a [name of item]


The next player then has to repeat what has come before and add in another item.  So, the first person might say

In Grandma’s bag there is a brush

The second player might follow this with…

In Grandma’s bag there is a brush and a shoe


If your child cannot remember all the items in the bag, adult to say the initial sound to help prompt them.  How many items can we place in the bag and remember?


Following on from the episode last week, watch Numberblocks episode 5 'One, Two, Three' (see link below).


Discuss how at the beginning one and two jumped up and down but couldn't reach the apple.  Why was three able to reach?  Use this discussion to develop the language bigger than/taller than/smaller than/shorter than.



Prepare 3 buckets or cups of different colours and label them 1,2,3.  Hide an apple under the bucket just like in the episode.  Can your child guess where the apple is?  Encourage them to talk in sentences, e.g. The apple is under cup number 3 or The apple is under the third cup.


Share ‘All About Three’ PowerPoint (below) and complete the worksheets based on 'three'.



Continuing to learn about 'Celebrations' we are learning about a Hindu festival called Holi.


Use the Holi Festival PowerPoint (below) to look at some of the traditiaonl celebrations that take place during Holi and also to tell the Holi story.  Talk about what is happening in the pictures.


Questions to discuss:

Do you ever have water fights?  Who with and how do you feel?

Can you imagine what it would be like to be part of a Festival of Colour?


Use lots of colours and the Holi Colouring Pages or draw your own picture linked to the Holi festival.


I can feel proud when I achieve a goal


Recap on the lesson with Coby Cow and Ellie Elephant from Friday 22nd January 2021 (see link below).  

Talk about how Coby Cow needed to keep on trying and how he should have said ‘I can’t do it yet’.  

Sing the ‘I can’t do it yet’ song.


Discuss what goals were set with their parents that they would like to get better at.

Has anyone been working on these goals? 

Has anyone accomplished their goal?

How did they achieve their goal?

What would they like to aim for next?