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Autumn Term

Autumn 1


We went on an Autumn Walk around the school grounds to see what changes had been happening since Summer. The children also discussed what would happen next to all the leaves...




We decided to collect some of the leaves and other objects that had fallen off the trees. We enjoyed exploring these items in the tuff tray, using magnifying glasses to look closely. We also enjoyed making autumn pictures using the leaves.


Little Red Hen


The children have learnt the story of the Little Red Hen.






Autumn 2


We're Going On A Bear Hunt.


In 'Talk for Writing' this half term we have been re-telling this story,

the children are really good at it.

Perhaps they could draw you a story map of it.

Some of the children have drawn some super story maps and have changed some of the things the family come across!



Brown Bear Brown Bear What Do You See?


This is our current book in 'Talk for Writing'. Once again the children are

using a simple story map to re-tell the story.

Perhaps this time you could play a memory game to see if they can remember all the characters in the story or maybe they could teach you the actions that

we have been using to help us re-tell it!