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Adult Directed Activity

Adult directed activity –

Linked to our new story for this half-term The Train Ride we would like you to think whether you have ever been on a train ride before? 

If so, what did you see on your journey? 

If you have not been on a train before maybe you have been on a bus ride or a bike ride, a car ride  or an aeroplane ride?  Where were you going to and what did you see?


Draw a picture for us to see.  This could be a picture of the transport you went on or maybe you could draw what you saw on your journey first, next, after, finally. 

If you have not been on a journey for a while maybe you can think about your journey to school.  Talk about your marks and ask a grown up to write down what you say about them.  Please upload a photograph of your picture via the Seesaw app so that we can see them too.


Ms Waters remembers a train ride from Marston Green to Birmingham.  First she saw birds flying high in the sky, next she saw a large leafy tree in the distance, after she saw the tall buildings in the city and finally she saw other people waiting on the platform.


Mrs Thompson remembers a train ride on the Polar Express.  First she saw snow falling from the sky, next she saw a Train Conductor checking the tickets, after she saw Christmas lights twinkling from afar and finally she saw Father Christmas eating mince pies.