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Marston Green Infant Academy have a nursery on site, Leapfrogs nursery caters for children from the ages of 3 months to 4 years. We also offer wrap around care for the children who attend Marston Green Infant Academy School Nursery (see Leapfrogs Pre-School).


 We operate 2 rooms which are open all year round(except bank holidays and Christmas).


Babies-0-2 years which has a  ratio 1-3


Toddlers-2-3years which has a ratio 1-4




All our members of staff are highly committed to supporting the developmental needs of all the children within their care. All staff are qualified up to  a minimum NVQ LEVEL 2/3 We also have a designated D.S.L officer(designated safeguarding lead) on site 5 days a week.


Leapfrog Nursery currently have vacancies for 2 year olds starting September 2018. Any enquires please use the contact box below.

Leapfrogs Special Educational Needs and Disability Policy

Opening Times


Full day        7.30am-6.00pm   


Am session    7.30am-12.30pm 


               Pm session    12.30pm-6.00pm               


The Nursery is open Monday- Friday all year round (Except bank holidays and Christmas week).


Meal Times


  Breakfast    7.30pm-9.00pm

 Snack         10am -10.15am

                            Lunch         11.30pm-12.00pm                       

  Snack          2.00pm-2.15pm

 Light Tea     3.30pm-4.00pm


Lunches are freshly prepared onsite by our award winning School Chef. All dietary requirements shall be catered for. Leapfrogs provide a variety of healthy snacks and the children have access to their own individual water bottles throughout the day.


Leapfrogs Aim


·         Our aim at Leapfrogs is to provide a happy and homely and enriching atmosphere in which your child can thrive and develop.


·         To treat each child as an individual and to cater for their individual needs


·        To present a wide range of activities which promote your child’s Physical,

Intellectual, Emotional and Social skills as well as language development. These skills will be

developed through both organised and child initiated play which stimulates initiative and



·         To allow children to explore their environment safely and with adequate supervision.


·         To help children to express themselves with their peers and adults in order to develop confidence and independence.


·     To provide an experienced and qualified team of staff who are all DBS checked and will give your child the

highest quality of care throughout the day and will regularly record your child’s progress and







Parent Notices


Important Dates


First Day of new term Monday 3rd September 2018


Absence Notification


If your child is going to be absent from Nursery, please contact us on 0121 770 6652 by 9am on first day of absence.


Please inform a member of staff in advance if your child will be absent for an appointment or holiday.


In accordance to our Safeguarding Policy, a member of  Leapfrogs staff will contact you to ascertain the reason for absence if a message or telephone call has not been received.


Leapfrogs Gallery

                                                                                                         Leapfrogs Gallery 1
                                                                                                         Leapfrogs Gallery 2
                                                                                                         Leapfrogs Gallery 3
                                                                                                         Leapfrogs Gallery 4
                                                                                                         Leapfrogs Gallery 5
                                                                                                         Leapfrogs Gallery 6
                                                                                                         Leapfrogs Gallery 7
                                                                                                         Leapfrogs Gallery 8
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                                                                                                         Leapfrogs Gallery 10
                                                                                                         Leapfrogs Gallery 11
                                                                                                         Leapfrogs Gallery 12
                                                                                                         Leapfrogs Gallery 13
                                                                                                         Leapfrogs Gallery 14
                                                                                                         Leapfrogs Gallery 15
                                                                                                         Leapfrogs Gallery 16
                                                                                                         Leapfrogs Gallery 17
                                                                                                         Leapfrogs Gallery 18

Contact Us

To request a place for your child, check availability and price enquiries please contact Wendy Moulder (Manager) between 7.30am-6.00pm Nursery Telephone : 0121 770 6652 or complete the form below.