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Class 7

Welcome to Class 7!

Miss Dunbar and Mrs Oakes

We just wanted to say thank you for the support that you are providing at home to help your child develop in Year 2. We really appreciate it. Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions :)


Spring Term 1 - Distant Lands

This half term we will be finding out lots of information about the continent Africa. We will then be focusing our learning on The Gambia, a small country located in the West of Africa. Miss Dunbar visited The Gambia and helped out in a local Primary School!


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Take a look at some of the learning that has taken place in Class 7 this half term!
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Class 7 have turned into bakers over the last two Thursday's and it's safe to say they have really enjoyed themselves. Solihull catering have been in school working with the year 2 children to make scones from scratch. Our classroom smelt lovely at the end of the day! We hope you enjoy them. 


Our African craft fayre was a huge success and very enjoyable. Class 7 were so excited to share their hard work with everyone in the hall and particularly enjoyed acted as the shop keepers! Thank you to all the parents who came and donated to our African charity, it really meant a lot to the children.

African Craft Fayre 2018


On Monday 5th February Year 2 took part in an African drum and dance workshop. We learnt how to play the drums to different beats and learnt some African dance moves. It was such good fun and every child had such a big smile on their face. It was lovely to see so many parents watch our performance and Class 7 thoroughly enjoyed the parents joining in with some African dancing!

Class 7's African drum and dance workshop!

Curriculum Evening