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Class 6

Hello and welcome

to Class 6

Mrs Allen and Miss Taylor


Our topic this term is 'The Great Outdoors'

Autumn One

Year 1 Autumn Term Curriculum evening

During this term we have been able to take part in yoga lessons, during these lessons we have recreated stories whilst using our bodies

Active maths - during each week we have an active mathematics lesson this allows us to move around the classroom or outside and use our maths knowledge to complete our activities!

We have been looking at an artist called Andy Goldsworthy, he used natural materials to create pieces of art work, we went outside to create some of our own

We have created an experiment in science to see if cress can grow healthy if we take a variable away

Our mathematics workshop - we loved having our family with us in our classroom

We enjoyed learning all about plants and planting our own!

We had fun in maths today using our concrete resources, we made numbers that were '1 more' '1 less' and 'fewer'. We also played a maths game using our number knowledge about which numbers are 'fewer' than a certain number.