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Class 1

Welcome to Class 1

Miss Hickin, Mrs Parfitt, Mrs Woodall and Mrs Hart


As we near the end of the term, we would just like to say a huge thank you for your continued support in helping your children's education. We appreciate the support and encouragement you are providing at home and a big thank you for being part of our amazing year. There is never a dull moment in class one and we wish the children all the best as the go into Year One and I hope their love of school continues. We look forward to seeing their smiley faces around school! 


Our topic this term is All around the World .

During this topic, the children will be investigating London, Australia and Brazil. The children will be learning about the differences between the places, the food, the animals and famous landmarks. I am sure the children will be coming home with some very amazing facts! Please keep checking our page for pictures of our continuing adventures in Class 1! 


Dates for the Diary:

9th July- Non-Uniform

13th July-Reports.

18th July-Reception Carnival

24th July- Last Day :(




Class One have developed a real love of reading through a range of different books. The children enjoy bringing in books from home something that we as teachers encourage and enjoy reading them to the class. Thank you for taking the time to read with your child at home and sharing your thoughts with us in their reading diaries. Please could we ask that the children have their reading book and diary in their book bags daily. 




The children have been working very hard on their writing both with support and independently. We have lots of opportunities to encourage this throughout the indoor and outdoor environment and handwriting lessons. The children are encouraged to write using the cursive script and use their sound mats to form the letters correctly. During this term, we are working on writing good sentences focusing on all the sounds the children can hear in their words, sequencing those letters, capital letters when appropriate, finger spaces between each word and full stops at the end.



All children are working within phase 2 and 3 sounds. Please see below for links to useful websites to help support their phonic knowledge. The children are encouraged to know the letter sound but also the letter names. 



We are becoming budding Mathematicians in class one and are focusing on developing our number sense. We do a lot of work on each number and looking at what makes that number? How many different ways can we make the numbers 0-20? How can we represent and show that number? There is a fantastic website (kindly recommended by parents) which supports the learning of these numbers; cbeebies- number blocks. 

Tamworth Castle

On Tuesday, the sun shone as we excitedly made our way to Tamworth Castle. The children were a credit to you all, they listened to the castle staff, walked brilliantly to and around the castle and were above all sensible throughout the day. We apologise if you had very tired children that night! The children have since written up their favourite part of the trip, answers ranging from the coach (a big hit with them all) to Ruby the Dragon and even locking me in the dungeon!  Also this week, we have pretended to be servants and made gingerbread as we learnt that a long time ago, gingerbread was very expensive and the rich people had it made for their banquets to show off just how rich they were. 

Mother's Day Celebration.

Thank you for all you kind words when attending our Mother's Day celebration. It was wonderful to see the pride in your faces and the children as they got to share their classroom with you. We hope you all had a lovely day and were spoilt!

Thank you to all the children (and parents) for transforming into your favourite book characters for world book day. And of course, Reception adults couldn't be left out and took our inspiration from Wizard of Oz as we all transformed into the well known characters. We had a fantastic day made even more magical by the lovely arrival of SNOW!

Class One Superstars


The children were thrilled with our little surprise. To aid our topic of Traditional Tales the children were treated to a performance of Goldilocks. 


After a long and tiring few weeks and the surprise (setback) of snow, I'm sure you will agree it was well worth all the hard work to see the wonderful Nativity performance. We were really proud of how hard they all worked and they all did a super job. 

Library Visit-

Thank you to all the parents who joined us on our walk to Marston Green Library.The children were a credit to our school as they walked through the village and respectful of the library rules. We would also love to thank the librarians who took the time to read stories to us.


Thank you to those parents/ adults who attended our reading session. The children really love welcoming you into our classroom where you can see all the lovely work we do. Please note, these sessions run the first Tuesday of every month (with the odd exception) from 2.45- 3.00.